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Neurology is a medical specialty allowing to study all the diseases of the nervous system, and in particular of the brain.


The center takes care of neurovascular pathologies (cerebrovascular accidents, AIT (transient ischemic attack)) and neuroinflammatory pathologies (multiple sclerosis and related diseases) and general neurology consultations especially for patients suffering from headache, memory disorders , peripheral neuropathies and Parkinson's disease.


Inflammatory diseases of the nervous system, in particular multiple sclerosis will be treated at the Adolphe de Rothschild Ophthalmological Foundation Hospital, which has a neurology department with a unit dedicated to the treatment of strokes, open 24 hours a day. / 24.


Some of our neurologists are more particularly specialized in neuromuscular electrophysiology. It is the study of electrical and electrochemical phenomena that occur in the cells or tissues of living organisms and, in particular, in neurons and muscle fibers.


The Argentina medical center, for this purpose, is equipped with an Electromyogram.

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